Shouting about (& understanding) Customer Feedback

In this day and age it is all too easy to forget, or not mention, the great and the good experiences we go through, for the ultimate customer experience.  Some might say it is over rated, others will argue it is part of our human nature and fabric to want to receive valued customer excellence.  Surely it’s the very least we deserve. Whether it’s a genuine good morning or somebody opening the door for you – so few really do go that extra mile – I believe in giving praise, where praise is due.

Savvy businesses now have customer experience at the top of their agendas, but few really know to manage it, so when you do sample it, why not shout about it. Share the experience and let others follow.  Help them to share it again with others.

Here is a recent example of awesome customer service I received:

We had a new Baxi boiler installed in our old but new house nearly two years ago and since having it turned off most of the summer, it began making peculiar noises when it was re-incarnated last week.  We contacted Baxi before finding out that their service people heateam, have won numerous accolades for customer service.  And boy they weren’t wrong.  We were told it was still under warranty, ‘close call’, and that an engineer would be with us within a matter of days, which was confirmed in the same conversation. That was supported by a text the night before, stating (i) the job number, (ii) an option to cancel the appointment and (iii) an ETA stating that I would receive another text in the morning. I did and as punctuality is a hot topic for me, they didn’t disappoint. The engineer arrived on time, looking professional from the branded van to the corporate wear. This was followed with a quick diagnosis, service and wrapped up in knowledgeable advice for on-going maintenance for the heart of the house.  The icing on the cake for me was what they did next. The same day I received simple text, which read:

‘heateam would love to hear about your experience of the service we have provided to you, please reply back with your rating 1 to 5 (1 = poor, 5 = excellent)’.

SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT customer excellence, it’s simple when you know how.

There are numerous ways to capture customer satisfaction.  It is so valuable to the way you build and shape your business. We use a simple yet brilliant product from CustomerSure to measure what our clients think of our service. As a professional services business, our reputation is everything and we can only manage what we can measure.  No doubt your business is the same so don’t bury you head in the sand and hide behind what you think people think about you – make it your job to find out.  Expose yourself to the elements of human nature and ask for feedback.

Remember, even negative feedback can be converted into something positive.

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